'n Historiese persepktief op die kapelaansvrouekomitee, c. 1970-1990

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    This article forms part of a project in which the history of military chaplains in South Africa is traced. One of the neglected aspects of military chaplaincy is the role and influence of the spouses of military chaplains. Since 1976, the Chaplains’ Wives Committee, an organisation consisting of the spouses of the command structure of the South African Chaplain Service (SACHS), coordinated the efforts and outreaches of the wives of chaplains in expanding the boundaries of support for military personnel and their families; indirectly contributing to the wellbeing of the South African society at large. This article traces the history of the Chaplains’ Wives Committee and the significance of its leadership, thereby providing a different perspective on the military context, which is usually defined in masculine terms. It also contributes to the documentation of the history of South African women’s organisations.