Antibody response to and immunity induced by Corynebacterium pyogenes vaccine

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 3
  • Abstract:

    A procedure is described for producing a high quality C. pyogenes vaccine. A satisfactory antibody response was obtained by administering 3 subcutaneous injections of vaccine at 10-day intervals, using doses of 2,0 ml for rabbits, 5,0 ml for sheep and 10,0 ml for cattle. The titres resulting from this procedure compared favourably with those obtained from following the more intensive schedule and higher doses of vaccine recommended by the British Veterinary Codex. The antibody response was at its best 1-2 months after immunization but dropped to a plateau 6 months after immunization. Mice were also successfully immunized against challenge with 1, 5 x 10⁸ organisms by the application of 3 doses of vaccine administered at 10-day intervals.