Actinobacillus seminis infection in sheep in the Republic of South Africa. I. Identification of the problem

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  • Abstract:

    A clinical palpation and semen smear examination of 647 rams submitted to the Regional Veterinary Laboratory during 1967 revealed that 42 (6,5%) of these animals had clinical epididymitis or orchitis, 6 (0,9%) showed other types of genital lesions and 98 (15,1%) suffered from subclinical genital infection. A. seminis and A. seminis-like organisms were isolated from semen specimens of 18 out of 35 rams with clinical epididymitis or orchitis, 25 out of 33 rams with subclinical infection and none out of 13 rams which showed no neutrophils in their semen. On 4 stud farms where Elberg Rev. 1 vaccine was meticulously applied and the complete absence of Brucella ovis infection was established, of a total of 327 rams examined, 10 (3,6%) were found to be clinically and 72 (22,0%) subclinically affected. A. seminis was isolated from 5 out of 6 of these rams with clinical lesions and 10 out of 15 of those which showed evidence of subclinical infection.