A revision of the genus Impalaia Mönnig, 1924

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Peer-Reviewed Research


A revision of the genus lmpalaia Monnig, 1924 forms the subject of this report. Besides the type species, lmpalaia tuberculata Monnig, 1924, there are 2 valid species, viz., I. nudicollis Monnig, 1931and I. okapiae (Van den Berghe, 1937). I. tuberculata longispiculata (Wetzel & Fortmeyer, 1960), I. somaliensis (Crovieri, 1929) and I. aegyptiaca Soliman, 1956 are synonymous with I. tuberculata. I. taurotragi (LeRoux, 1936) appears to be an aberrant form of/. nudicollis. A parasite/host checklist is included.