Volatile constituents of fruit pulp of Strychnos cocculoides (Baker) growing in Malawi using solid phase microextraction

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 12
  • Abstract:

    Volatile constituents of the edible pulp of Strychnos cocculoides (Monkey orange) were extracted using solid phase microextraction (SPME) and their identity established by GC–FID and GC–MS systems. Six compounds were extracted and identified: isobutyl acetate, 53.2%; 2-methylbutyl acetate, 12.8%; ethyl-2-methylbutyrate, 10.5%; 2, 6-ditetrabutyl-4-methyl-phenol, 8.4%; butyl-2-methyl butyrate, 6.7% and geranyl acetate, 3.1%. These accounted for 94.7% of the volatile constituents in the pulp. Thus, the acetate and butyrate esters were the most abundant volatiles in the edible pulp of the ripe fruit.