New combinations and a key to the species of Pelekium (Thuidiaceae) in sub- Saharan Africa and the East African Islands

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • SDG 14
  • Abstract:

    Two taxa currently recognised in Thuidium are transferred to Pelekium to complete the relocation of monoicous species from Thuidium subg. Microthuidium to Pelekium. The new combinations are: Pelekium thomeanum (Broth.) Phephu stat. et comb. nov. (basyonym Thuidium involvens (Hedw.) Mitt. var. thomeanum Broth.), now recognised as a species distinct from P. involvens (Hedw.) A. Touw, and P. pseudoinvolvens (Müll. Hal.) Phephu comb. nov. A full taxonomic treatment, including descriptions and notes on the distribution and ecology of these two species is presented, followed by a key to the African species of Pelekium.