Insights from traditional initiation teachers (Basuwe) on the influence of male traditional initiation (lebollo) on the behaviour of schoolboys

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 16
  • Abstract:

    This article aims to describe the outcomes of traditional initiation schools (lebollo), identify reasons for initiates’ deviant behaviour at school after returning from lebollo and offer some suggestions on how to reduce deviant behaviour that may be linked to lebollo. The literature review has shown that lebollo aims to equip initiates with competencies that are necessary for adulthood. A content analysis of data emanating from interviews with two traditional initiation teachers (basuwe) identify initiates youthfulness, inadequate time spent at the initiation school, the erroneous view of initiates that they are adults, initiates’ unwillingness to embrace the teaching of their elders, alcohol abuse and the inappropriate conduct of parents as reasons for initiates’ misbehaviour. The study emphasises the need for close cooperation between formal schools’ disciplinary committees and basuwe, as well as between the parents of initiates and basuwe to reduce initiates’ misbehaviour.