A revised generic classification for Aloe (Xanthorrhoeaceae subfam. Asphodeloideae)

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 15
  • Abstract:

    The predominantly southern African Xanthorrhoeaceae subfam. Asphodeloideae (Asphodelaceae subfam. Alooideae) has long been regarded as comprising seven so-called alooid genera (Aloe, Astroloba, Chortolirion, Gasteria, Haworthia, Lomatophyllum, Poellnitzia). A reassessment of the classification of the traditionally broadly circumscribed genus Aloe, a charismatic Old World group of leaf succulents, has necessitated nomenclatural adjustments. We propose a narrower generic concept for Aloe s. str. and the recognition of segregate genera to reflect accumulating evidence for monophyletic groups: here, the genus Kumara is reinstated and the new genera Aloidendron and Aloiampelos are established. New combinations are made in Aloe for the three species of Chortolirion.