Wat is die betekenis van boerdery vir inkomstebelastingdoeleindes?

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 1
  • Abstract:

    English: The question is frequently asked whether certain activities by a taxpayer may be regarded as farming for income tax purposes. If so, certain farming expenses will be allowed as deductions in terms of the First Schedule to the Act which otherwise would not have been the case. Having indicated how the taxable income of a taxpayer is calculated, the definition of a trade is referred to. The meaning of farming is not defined, but in s 26 reference is made to pastoral, agricultural and other farming operations. There are certain sections in the Act, paragraphs in the First Schedule to the Act and practice notes which refer to certain types of farming activities. Reference is also made to the interpretation of farming by our courts (High and Special Courts) and the findings of the Special Boards. The viewpoints of several authors are also discussed. Additional examples of farming activities are given and the standard bona fide farming questionnaire by the SAIS is examined. The exigency of a feasibility study is emphasised to determine the viability of a proposed farming project. The following two-pronged test is advocated (i) did the taxpayer genuinely intend to farm and (ii) did he have a reasonable prospect of making a profit from the farming activities in the foreseeable future?