Rob Antonissen in die Afrikaanse literatuursisteem

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 4
  • Abstract:

    The Flemish-born literary scholar Rob Antonissen came to know Afrikaans literature by means of a book collection at Steenbrugge. This eventually led to his emigration to South Africa in 1950, where he grew into probably the most influential scholar in Afrikaans literary history. His work excelled in its “constructive” systemic role; the downside of this was the strong canon shaping influence thus emanating from his literary views. It was not only due to the quality and substance of his literary research and of his critical views that Antonissen was able to establish himself as an important role player in Afrikaans literature: As Jan Greshoff and H.A. Mulder before him, he was invested with the authority of esteem in the Dutch literary world. Through his contributions to scholarly journals, and through his work as literary historiographer and anthologist, he also had his hands on important shaping tools of the Afrikaans literary canon