Gesprek oor drie millenniums: T.T. Cloete se herskrywing van Homeros se Achillesskild–gegewe

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Peer-Reviewed Research


The aim of this article is to analise the poem ‘Achilles se skild’ (The shield of Achilles) by T.T. Cloete, from his volume of poetry onversadig (unquenched) (2011). The poem, as narrated by Cloete, will be compared with the original text as we find it in the Iliad of Homer. In the first section of the article the symbolic meaning of the shield which Hephaistos makes, will be explored. Subsequently it will be demonstrated how Cloete appropriates and adapts the material from the Iliad to forge a philosophy of life which is in correspondance with the rest of the volume of poetry onversadig and his poetic oeuvre