Consumers' opinions and use of food labels: results from an urban − rural hybrid area in South Africa

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Peer-Reviewed Research
  • SDG 2
  • Abstract:

    Food labels are often an important source of information available to guide consumers' in-store purchases. This study aimed to determine consumers' opinions about and use of food labels and the association between these constructs with structural equation modeling in an urban–rural hybrid area context. Results from the survey (n = 912) showed that respondents mainly had positive opinions about food labels as an information source and appreciated the importance of product and origin information. Most respondents indicated pre-purchase use of labels. The structural equation model confirmed an association between respondents' food label opinions and use and suggests that these opinions could be used to anticipate label use. It is thus important to offer label information that would evoke favorable opinions and that might directly contribute to consumers' decisions to purchase the product in-store.