A Systematic Review on Technologies and Applications in Smart Campus: A Human-Centered Case Study

28 April 2022

The smart revolution has penetrated in a wide range of applications. Smart campus, as the high-end form of education systems, deploys cutting-edge information and communication technologies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of campus services. Under the pandemic of COVID-19, smart campus has shown unprecedented importance owing to its remote, personalized, and ubiquitous features. All these factors have made smart campus an ongoing intense research topic in recent years, whereas existing reviews on smart campus were conducted in earlier years and thus an update is imperatively needed to investigate and summarize the emerging knowledge, technologies, and applications in this context. This paper conducts a systematic review on smart campus technologies and applications, and then strategically classifying them into different domains to investigate the current research pattern. Moreover, adhering to the human-centered principle of smart campus development, a human-centered case study has been carried out and presented in this paper to evaluate the consistency and adherence of current research trend to the stakeholders needs and interests.