Electrical and transient atomization characteristics of a pulsed charge injection atomizer using electrically insulating liquids

01 March 2021

Charge injection atomizers are energy efficient devices that can be used in order to promote the atomization of dielectric liquids, and a potential application of such devices is fine spray delivery in small internal combustion engines. The operation of a pulsed charge injection atomization system operating at practical engine frequencies under a high voltage pulse train has not been well recorded in the literature. This initial investigation defines the electrical and transient global atomization performance of a charge injection atomizer operating under a steady flow regime, but with a typical high voltage pulse train. Results show that voltage-current characteristics follow similar trends to that of a steady flow, steady voltage system, and observation of the data also reveals that output current waveforms depend on the input pulse train frequency. No degradation in charging efficiency was observed at higher frequencies, which suggests that a charge injection atomizer can operate efficiently at practical engine speeds. Photographs also confirmed the high voltage pulse train injects charge that produces sections of primary atomization on the continuous liquid jet.