The burden of COVID-19 on pharmacists

17 November 2020

The unprecedented changes brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic have had significant impacts on society. It has provided an opportunity to highlight the crucial role pharmacists play in the provision of healthcare. The critical and unique role of pharmacists in pandemics and other disasters has been highlighted in the past (SARS and Ebola outbreaks), and more recently with reports of the contributions of pharmacists during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many reports have documented healthcare professionals are experiencing significant psychological morbidity as a result of providing essential care and services during the global COVID-19 pandemic. In these reports, pharmacists are not well represented and so it is essential to understand the impact of COVID-19 on pharmacists across multiple practice settings. This is particularly true as the experiences of pharmacists working through previous pandemics and disasters, and the associated psychological burden, are likely to offer insights and be useful in supporting the psychological wellbeing of pharmacists during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Research into the effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic on pharmacists should improve the understanding of the impact, and the psychological morbidity associated with their role as frontline healthcare professionals.