A Multi-Stage Home Energy Management System with Residential Photovoltaic Penetration

30 January 2020

Advances in bilateral communication technology foster the im-provement and development of Home Energy Management Sys-tem (HEMS). This paper proposes a new HEMS to optimally schedule home energy resources (HERs) in a high rooftop photo-voltaic penetrated environment. The proposed HEMS includes three stages: forecasting, day-ahead scheduling, and actual opera-tion. In the forecasting stage, short-term forecasting is per-formed to generate day-ahead forecasted photovoltaic solar pow-er and home load profiles; in the day-ahead scheduling stage, a Peak-to-Average Ratio (PAR) constrained coordinated HER scheduling model is proposed to minimize the 1-day home opera-tion cost; in the actual operation stage, a Model Predictive Con-trol (MPC) based operational strategy is proposed to correct HER operations with the update of real-time information, so as to minimize the deviation of actual and day-ahead scheduled net-power consumption of the house. An adaptive thermal comfort model is applied in the proposed HEMS to provide decision-support on the scheduling of the heating, ventilating, and air con-ditioning (HVAC) system of the house. The proposed approach is then validated based on Australian real datasets.