Hierarchical Energy Management System for Home Microgrids

30 January 2020

With the spread of distributed energy resources, sensing infra-structure, and automation facilities, modern homes are becoming “home microgrids”. This paper intends to support this trend and proposes a two-stage hierarchical energy management system for smart homes by considering both day-ahead and actual operation stages. In the day-ahead stage, an efficient scenario analysis ap-proach is developed to account for the residential photovoltaic solar power uncertainty. The approach performs solar power scenario generation and reduction based on the Wasserstein dis-tance metric and K-medoids, respectively. This is then followed by the use of a stochastic day-ahead residential energy resource scheduling model. In the actual operation stage, a Semi-Scenario based Rolling Horizon Optimization (SSRHO) mechanism is proposed, based on which an actual operation model is estab-lished. Simulations are then conducted to validate the effective-ness of the proposed system