The need for new models for delivery of therapy intervention to people with a disability in rural and remote areas of Australia

26 September 2013

Early therapy intervention by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech pathologists (therapists) is recognised to yield benefits across the lifecourse (Carpenter, 2007; Law, 2002; Thomaidis, Kaderoglou, Stefou, Damianou, & Bakoula, 2000; Ziviani, Feeney, Rodger, & Watter, 2010). As a result,there have recently been increases in funding for therapy positions in disability services in New South Wales(NSW), Australia (New South Wales Government, 2006). However, research by Keane, Smith, Lincoln,and Fisher (2011), Chisholm, Russell, and Humphreys (2011), and Denham and Shaddock (2004) indicated that there is a shortage of therapists living and working in rural and remote areas of Australia.