Supporting the reflective practice of tutors: what do tutors reflect on?

10 July 2013

Effective self-reflection is a key component of excellent teaching. We describe the types of self-reflection identified in tutors’ reflective statements following a peer observation of teaching exercise. We used an adapted version of the categories developed by Grushka et al. (2005) to code text from 20 written statements as technical (26% of comments), practical (36% of comments) and critical (33% of comments). Tutors also wrote about the affective aspects of the exercise and the majority of such comments were positive. Most tutors reflected in a holistic way about their teaching, noting the importance of getting the technical aspects right while also being concerned about pedagogical matters and issues beyond the classroom. The exercise was an effective way to prompt tutors to reflect on their teaching and helped tutors articulate and formalise their learning from the peer observation activity. Suggestions for further exploration of the reflective practice of tutors are provided.