Journal of Digital Research & Publishing Semester 1 2009 (1pm class)

17 February 2012

The Journal of Digital Communication and Culture is a publication created by students of ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing. This unit of study is part of the Master of Digital Communication and Culture taught by the Digital Cultures Program in the School of Letters, Art, and Media. For more information contact Chris Chesher ( CONTENTS (TITLE/AUTHOR): Down the rabbit hole: literature’s adventures in e-readerland (Kathryn Knight) // Ditching the dead-tree medium (Heidi Cassell) // PEACE OR WAR? Design metaphors behind e-book readers (Gao Qun) // ‘THIS IS THE INTERNET SPEAKING’ Wikipedia, Hwang Woo-Suk, Norms, and the Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge (Katherine Calhau) // Beyond bias: Wikipedia and the construction of knowledge (Michelle Tran) // University publishing 2.0: a preliminary investigation (Agata Marczewska) // The public gain equal rights by Indymedia: depending on the technical application of Indymedia (Jing Cao) // The movement from traditional journalism to citizen journalism A case study of online newspaper website OhmyNews (Jialing Su) // The Comparison of Emergency Coverage between America and China (Wenjuan Shi) // A content analysis of the posts on Twitter and Xiaonei (Yu Cheng) // How Facebook and other social networks are changing information production and circulation (Emel Gusic) // Facebook, Privacy and Criminality (Wenbo Chen) // Podcast: Useful tool to facilitate learning behaviour in higher education (XiaoLi Pei)