Journal of Digital Research & Publishing Semester 1 2009 (5pm class)

17 February 2012

The Journal of Digital Communication and Culture is a publication created by students of ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing. This unit of study is part of the Master of Digital Communication and Culture taught by the Digital Cultures Program in the School of Letters, Art, and Media. For more information contact Chris Chesher ( CONTENTS (TITLE/AUTHOR): Automated Content Authorship: The ‘Real’ Death of the Author (Rochelle Deighton) // Facebook ‘Friends’: The Validity of Online Friendships (Kate Bateman) // Misconceived End-User Expectations to Privacy on Facebook (Ailin Bezzo) // To tweet or not to tweet Grunig’s model to brand engagement (Louise Veyret) // Gmail: Friend or Foe? (Angela Wade) // The Construct of Digital Identity: A Case Study of Self Portraits and Profile Pictures as Simulacra on Web Platforms (Tom Okagami) // Ease of Access: Suicide and Prevention (Kerilynn Petersen) // Amazon’s Impending Monopoly of E-book Markets (Ouchen Wei) // Picking Up the Pages: Discussing the Materiality of Magazines (Joy Enriquez) // Digital Footprints: a case study (Michael Schanzer) // Virtual work spaces: The changing face of communication (Gina Spithakis) // Keeping it Simple: The Shift in Video Game Development (Kimberley Lau) // Lurkers and Lolcats: An Easy Way From Out To In (Claudia Leigh)