Journal of Digital Research & Publishing Semester 1 2011 (1pm class)

16 February 2012

The Journal of Digital Communication and Culture is a publication created by students of ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing. This unit of study is part of the Master of Digital Communication and Culture taught by the Digital Cultures Program in the School of Letters, Art, and Media. For more information contact Chris Chesher ( CONTENTS (TITLE/AUTHOR): An Analysis of Online Discussion Impacts on Adult Students’ Learning (Tao Wang) // Are We Living in the Same World? Social media platforms in Australia and China compared (Kai Tang) // Choose Your Own World: The convergence of hypertext, literature and gaming (John Band) // Digital Evolution: The changing face of video game journalism (Nicholas Barkl) // Facebook Features and MySpace Memoirs: Does user behaviour within social networking sites qualify as a form of digital publishing? (Nadia Junaideen) // I, Consumer, Produser: The rise of collaborative content creation and its impact on producer/user relationships (Olivia Porter) // Indigenous Storytelling and the Digitised Future (Alexandra Hirst) // Online Campaigning: Web 2.0 and the Australian federal election (Keyang Yang) // Online News Content: How reading news online affects users’ understanding of news events (Kelly Stock) // Teens, Consumerism, and Converse: How lifestyle and identity are portrayed through digital publishing (Priska Febrinia Handojo) // The Impact of Technological Advancements upon Language and Communication in an Increasingly Digitised Society (Pippa Lyons)