Journal of Digital Research & Publishing Semester 1 2010 (1pm class)

16 February 2012

The Journal of Digital Communication and Culture is a publication created by students of ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing. This unit of study is part of the Master of Digital Communication and Culture taught by the Digital Cultures Program in the School of Letters, Art, and Media. For more information contact Chris Chesher ( CONTENTS (TITLE/AUTHOR): Refolding the fold: the complete representation of actuality in digital culture (Sonia Therese Chan) // Mind over media? A philosophical view on user-generated media and social identity (Romina Cavagnola) // Outsiders looking in: How everyday bloggers are gaining access to the elite fashion world (Tiana Stefanic) // New media revolution: personal ads expand to the Internet (David James Misner) // Online publishing: (Anime) Fan fiction and identity (Nicola Santilli) // The practicality of magazine websites (Emma Turner) // A Cultural Historical Approach to Virtual Networking (Kate Fagan) // How social media is changing public relation practices (Katharina Otulak) // The 3D evolution after AVATAR: Welcome to 3D at homes (Jaeun Yun) // The interaction between technology, people and society —In the case of Happy Farm (Chen Chen) // Technical solutions to business challenges: the Content Management System of today (Bujuanes Livermore) // Hidden Consumerism: ‘Advergames’ and preschool children. Parents give the thumbs up? (Kathryn Lewis) // Google’s library of Alexandria: The allure and dangers of online texts (Leila Chacko) // Google’s Taking on China:an Ingenious Publicity Campaign (Junying Cui) // Redifining Glamour: Capturing Queer Subculture on (Ron O’Berst) // Patient Advocates in the Internet Age: a threat to traditional notions of authority in health care? (Allison Jones) // Fashion Blogs: the new menber in fashion industry (Chi Zhang) // Twitter Wave Will Drown The World? (Jie He) // The influence of cultural differences on electronic commerce (Yuan Shen).