Journal of Digital Research & Publishing 2008

16 February 2012

The Journal of Digital Communication and Culture is a publication created by students of ARIN6912 Digital Research and Publishing. This unit of study is part of the Master of Digital Communication and Culture taught by the Digital Cultures Program in the School of Letters, Art, and Media. For more information contact Chris Chesher ( CONTENTS (TITLE/AUTHOR): Sourcing the Freedom: Free Software vs. Open Source Software (Nicole-Kate Anderson) // Be the Media (Yue Hu) // Bloggers as Gatekeepers: Issues of Gatewatching in Journalism (Janine Corbin) // Social Capital and ICTs (Daniel Kille) // The New Media (Chufan Han) // ‘Doing’ the Online Identity (Rebecca Cornell) // Social interaction in virtual environments (Samuray Ozay) // Plug Me In: Connecting With the Net Generation (Katie Pittard) // Netspeak: An Earthquake in the Language World (Jiang Ning) //The iPod and iCulture (Zhou Yuan) // China Digital Times: the Appearance of DTV (Yin Guan) // Information Revelation and Privacy in Virtual Social Networks: Our Willingness to Divulge Personal Information (Madeleine Wood) // English-language Magazines in China (Wenjing Wille Wu) // Online expression repressed (Rhonda Prsntice) // Multivariant Narratives in World of Warcraft (Adam W Ruch) // Instant Messaging (Suneesh T. Mathews)