Spin-orbit coupling controlled ground state in the Ir(V) perovskites A2ScIrO6 (A = Ba or Sr)

20 February 2019

The structural and magnetic properties of the two Ir(V) perovskites Ba2ScIrO6 and Sr2ScIrO6 have been established. The structures were refined using a combined neutron and Synchrotron data set. At room temperature the former has a cubic structure in space group Fm3 ̅m a = 8.1450(3) Å and the latter is monoclinic in P21/n with a = 5.6606(3) b= 5.6366(3) c = 7.9720(4) Å β = 89.977(5)°. Magnetization measurements show both oxides have magnetic moments close to zero as a consequence of strong spin-orbit coupling that results in a Jeff ~ 0 ground state. The distortion of the IrO6 octahedra in Sr2ScIrO6 is insufficient to generate crystal field splitting strong enough to quench the spin orbit coupling.