Enjoyment of eLearning Among Teacher Education Students in Australia

28 June 2016

The major research question for this study was –“How do students perceive the enhancement of their own learning through use of eLearning?” The study investigated student teacher’s enjoyment and perceptions of eLearning and how it is enhanced by their use of various eLearning activities – particularly the discussion board. Participants were undergraduate teacher education students who were undertaking a course at the University of Sydney, Australia. Methods included a qualitative examination using focus groups, open-ended written answers and a thematic content analysis of focus group transcripts to investigate how students perceived their learning to be enhanced. Twelve major themes identified how eLearning enhanced perceived student learning. The results revealed that eLearning was found to: facilitate broader and deeper learning; provide a resource management and organisation system; allow 24 hour access and flexibility; facilitate interaction and communication with peers; enable students to work and learn at their own pace; provide a place for students to find advice, tips and assistance; and provide a site for anonymous study-related and social interaction. Positive comments related to the stimulation of thought, discussion, debate and interaction via online discussion boards. Students identified learning from other students’ differing opinions, being enabled to more deeply contextualize and further analyse helped them to develop an understanding of the content material being covered.