Noncommutative fields and actions of twisted Poincare algebra

17 February 2016

Within the context of the twisted Poincaré algebra, there exists no noncommutative analog of the Minkowski space interpreted as the homogeneous space of the Poincaré group quotiented by the Lorentz group. The usual definition of commutative classical fields as sections of associated vector bundles on the homogeneous space does not generalize to the noncommutative setting, and the twisted Poincaré algebra does not act on noncommutative fields in a canonical way. We make a tentative proposal for the definition of oncommutative classical fields of any spin over the Moyal space, which has the desired representation theoretical properties. We also suggest a way to search for noncommutative Minkowski spaces suitable for studying oncommutative field theory with deformed Poincaré symmetries.