A Pedestrian View of the Roads to Open Access: Understanding Workflows to Enrich Infrastructure

21 September 2012

Things are moving quickly on the policy front with respect to the roads to Open Access with renewed focus on Gold Open Access. Gold OA is essentially the purchase of a service from a publisher: that the Publisher’s (or Published) Final Copy is made available under specified terms of Open Access. This is in contrast to the Green Road to Open Access, which typically involves the deposit and availability of the Authors’ Final Copy, by an author or an authorised agent. UK RepositoryNet+ (UKRepNet) is a JISC initiative being developed by EDINA. This is infrastructure to enable the delivery of services to universities and colleges in the UK in their work with Institutional Repositories (IRs) and the like to support Open Access (OA) and reporting arrangements for research outputs and outcomes. The focus is upon research literature as part of research output, noting the growth of the enhanced publication (i.e. the data behind the graph) and the importance of citation of data sources and instrumentation. Though Green OA is still important, the move to Gold OA is being accelerated faster than originally anticipated at the project kick-off in October 2011. Accordingly UKRepNet was given a ‘watching brief’ to monitor the significance of Gold OA in order that infrastructure being created remained relevant. What follows is report from that Watch activity, setting out the envisaged workflows, both financial and informational. The RepNet focus is on delivering a sustainable and fit for purpose repository service infrastructure. This has an emphasis on institutional repository infrastructure and therefore a focus on Green but naturally there are links to Gold, and as other service requirements emerge the service environment would need to be extensible to encompass those or to at least interoperate with them. Related to this JISC initiative & the wider OA environment ( both Gold & Green) is the work on metadata to research outputs that JISC is taking forward with publishers & RCUK: this includes RIOX, Vocabulary for OA (V4OA) & also the activity via the Open Access Implementation Group (OAIG) on APCs ( which this short report is feeding into). RIOX & V4OA constitute action with regards to the agreement on UK Repository Application Profile to include OA and Funder Metadata. The semantics of OA are being dealt with in V4OA which is a JISC action as a result resulting from the agreement to address this issue between OAIG & Publishers. This work will feed into the National Information Standards Organisation (NISO).