A topology control approach for utilizing multiple channels in multi-radio wireless mesh networks

30 September 2010

We consider the channel assignment problem in a multi-radio wireless mesh network that involves assigning channels to radio interfaces for achieving efficient channel utilization. We present a graph-theoretic formulation of the channel assignment guided by a novel topology control perspective, and show that the resulting optimization problem is NP-complete. We also present an ILP formulation that is used for obtaining a lower bound for the optimum. We then develop a new greedy heuristic channel assignment algorithm (termed CLICA) for finding connected, low interference topologies by utilizing multiple channels. Our evaluations show that the proposed CLICA algorithm exhibits similar behavior and comparable performance relative to the optimum bound with respect to interference and capacity measures. Moreover, our extensive simulation studies show that it can provide a large reduction in interference even with a small number of radios per node, which in turn leads to significant gains in both link layer and multihop performance in 802.11-based multi-radio mesh networks.