Supergravity solutions with AdS(4) from non-Abelian T-dualities

15 February 2017

We present a large class of new backgrounds that are solutions of type II supergravity with a warped AdS(4) factor, non-trivial axion-dilaton, B-field, and three-and five-form Ramond-Ramond fluxes. We obtain these solutions by applying non-Abelian T-dualities with respect to SU(2) or SU(2)/U(1) isometries to reductions to 10d IIA of 11d sugra solutions of the form AdS(4) x Y-7, with Y-7 = S-7/Z(k), S-7, M-1,M-1,M-1, Q(1,1,1) and N(1,1). The main class of reductions to IIA is along the Hopf fiber and leads to solutions of the form AdS(4) x K-6, where K-6 is Kahler Einstein with K-6 = CP3, S-2 x CP2, S-2 x S-2 x S-2; the first member of this class is dual to the ABJM field theory in the 't Hooft limit. We also consider other less symmetric but susy preserving reductions along circles that are not the Hopf fiber. In the case of N(1,1) we find an additional breaking of isometries in the NAT-dual background. To initiate the study of some properties of the field theory dual, we explicitly compute the central charge holographically.