Confirming the pest status of Trimen’s false tiger, Agoma trimenii (Felder) (Lepidoptera: Agaristidae), on grapevines in South Africa

23 September 2013

Various lepidopteran pests attack grapevines in South Africa, but they are mostly regarded as sporadic pests that seldom cause economic damage. The leaf-feeding silver-striped hawk moth, Hippotion celerio (Linneaus) (Sphingidae), is common in the Western Cape Province and occasionally causes economic damage to young vines. Theretra capensis (Linneaus) (Sphingidae) (grapevine hawk moth) and Heraclia superba (Butler) (Agaristidae) (superb false tiger) have also been reported on vines, but are rarely of economic importance (Annecke & Moran, 1982).