Using dynamic model of PEM-Fuel Cell supplying the load by the Z-source inverter with a novel control strategy

27 July 2016

A new dynamic model is developed in this paper to connect PEM Fuel Cell (PEMFC) to a Z-source inverter (ZSI). This model is used to analyse the behaviour of a fuel cell by providing a polarization curve. A controller is designed based on an interpolation to spot parameters of PEM Fuel Cell such as temperature (or anode and cathode pressure). A current feedback is gained to regulate the output voltage through determination of physical parameters. The ZSI is used in the proposed model to generate AC power. In this research, to compensate the voltage drop of fuel cell the capacitor voltage of the Z-network is controlled using the state space averaging method to stabilize the AC output voltage of the ZSI. Simulation and experimental results verify the validity of the proposed controlling model