X-ray reflection from the inner disc of the AGN Ton S180

12 Jun 2018

We analyse a long archival XMM–Newton observation of the narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxy Ton S180, using the latest reflection models to explore the high quality X-ray spectrum. We find that the iron line is relatively narrow and sharp, and the soft excess is extremely smooth. We cannot find an acceptable reflection model that describes both components, and conclude that the soft excess cannot be produced by relativistic reflection. Fitting the 3–10 keV band with relativistic reflection to model the iron line strongly prefers low spin values (<0.4), with the exact value depending on the model and not well constrained. We then model the broad-band spectrum with a two-component Comptonization continuum plus relativistic reflection. This gives a much better fit than a pure reflection model, which again prefers a low spin value. The photon index of the reflection component is intermediate between the two Comptonization components, suggesting that both illuminate the disc a similar amount and therefore both contribute to the reflection.