Writing a case report for publication

26 Mar 2010

Introduction: Research has become an integral part of all health care practitioners. Finding effective ways of sharing the valuable work that is being done in the clinical setting is essential. A case report is a form of communicating information to other health care practitioners regarding exceptional cases. Aim: This paper aims to describe the importance and role of case reports in the literature and summarise the guidelines for doing a case report. Method: A literature search was conducted in Pubmed and Medline using terms such as case reports, publishing, and guidelines to determine successful literature that highlights how to write a case report. Case reports will contribute to the body of evidence needed for professions and could stimulate debate around controversial issues. A summary of the relevant information needed to write a good case report for publication based on the literature is summarised in order to facilitate the process for new authors. Conclusion: Case reports if written in a scientific manner, can make a valuable contribution to research.