Work participation and disabilities in India

25 Nov 2013

United Nations General Assembly in 1976 proclaimed 1981 as the International Year of the Disable Persons. Persons with disabilities are enthusiastic to overcome the social and economic barriers. In the present paper an attempt is made to study the work participation rates among disables in India by using Census of India 2001 data. It is observed that in India out of 1.03 billion populations about 2.1 per cent population is of disable persons. Out of these about 75 percent of population lives in rural areas. Out of total disabled about 49 per cent have the disability in seeing followed by disability in movement. Work participation among disabilities in India is about 35 per cent, males’ participation being double than those of the females. The work participation among the general population is higher than that among disables. The study therefore, concludes the need to increase the work participation among disables especially among females.