Waste Management Best Practice by Municipal / Environmental Health Services at Joe Gqabi District Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province

27 Mar 2015

Waste management in South Africa is regulated by various legislation and different role-players, including Municipal / Environmental Health Services (M/EHS) at Metropolitan and District Municipalities. Although M/EHS is classified by government as a basic service, together with waste and other key services, government is not supporting M/EHS. The service lacks standardised systems, guidelines and tools to ensure proper waste management and to prevent ill health and any negative environmental impact, therefore allowing a perpetuation of poor waste management practices. The Municipal Health Services (MHS) section at Joe Gqabi District Municipality (JGDM) embraced its mandate and developed programmes according to the legislative prescribes to address the environmental health risks in the district. Amongst others the MHS section developed a systematic risk management approach with standardized monitoring tools,