Vulnerable diseases affecting child mortality in Sierra Leone: emerging health issue

25 Nov 2013

Child mortality in Sierra Leone is the highest ranked in the world. The main causes for child mortality are maternal factors, environmental factors and health factors. Minimal research has been carried out on health factors in Sierra Leone. The objective of this study is to see how maternal and environmental factors have an effect on health factors, which in turn cause child mortality. The data used were from the 2008 Sierra Leone Demographic and Household Survey (SLDHS). The study showed that child mortality had statistically significant factors associated with it: place of residence, birth number, religion and type of toilet facility. Furthermore, the SLDHS had not given much information regarding the cause of diseases affecting children, so we looked only at the effects they had on children. Acute respiratory infections, diarrhoea and measles each had one variable that was statistically significant. As for pneumonia, there were no variables associated with children contracting the disease.