Vertically Illuminated, Resonant Cavity Enhanced, Graphene-Silicon Schottky Photodetectors.

17 Jan 2018

We report vertically illuminated, resonant cavity enhanced, graphene-Si Schottky photodetectors (PDs) operating at 1550 nm. These exploit internal photoemission at the graphene-Si interface. To obtain spectral selectivity and enhance responsivity, the PDs are integrated with an optical cavity, resulting in multiple reflections at resonance, and enhanced absorption in graphene. We get a wavelength-dependent photoresponse with external (internal) responsivity ∼20 mA/W (0.25A/W). The spectral selectivity may be further tuned by varying the cavity resonant wavelength. Our devices pave the way for developing high responsivity hybrid graphene-Si free-space illuminated PDs for optical communications, coherence optical tomography, and light-radars.