Unusual clinical presentation of cryptococcus in an immunocompetent cat

13 Jul 2018

This case report describes an atypical presentation of cryptococcal infection in a cat initially presented with multiple persistent pruritic exudative skin lesions, which did not subside following administration of antibiotics and corticosteroids. Both fungal culture and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)/feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) ELISA test yielded negative results. Cytological examination of the skin scrapings was consistent with infection by Cryptococcus, which was confirmed by both postmortem inspection and histopathological examination of the lesions. The observed multifocal skin lesions are the result of haematogenous dissemination of the yeast, which is generally seen in immunocompromised cats. Clinical signs of systemic infection by Cryptococcus include apathy and cachexia and may or may not follow classical nasal disease. Surprisingly, the cat described in this report was immunocompetent, presented in good general condition and with no nasal discharge.