Understanding the use of emotional intelligence during the project leadership process : a case of project managers

06 Nov 2014

The nature of construction projects present challenges as a result of dynamic changes and complexity of their technical and social aspect. Project managers are assigned with full responsibility to mitigate these problems by facilitating effective leadership. Such a leadership process involves formulation of close and healthy relationships, good communication and purposeful coordination and cooperation among others. However, construction projects have been reported with poor performance which somewhat emerge from disputse, inadequate cooperation and communication, ill-relationships and delays among others. Consequently, there is a concern about the use Emotional Intelligence by project managers when these challenges emerge. Evidence regarding the effective use of emmotional inteligence and its benefits have been empirically documented. However, there is a lack of empirical research of this phenominom within the construction industry in the South African context. This study reports two cases of project managers on how they utilised their emotional intelligence when leading in construction projects