Understanding the Role of Places and Activities on Mobile Phone Interaction and Usage Patterns

13 Sep 2017

User interaction pa erns with mobile apps and noti cations are generally complex due to the many factors involved. However a deep understanding of what in uences them can lead to more acceptable applications that are able to deliver information at the right time. In this paper, we present for the rst time an in-depth analysis of interaction behavior with noti cations in relation to the location and activity of users. We conducted an in-situ study for a period of two weeks to collect more than 36,000 noti cations, 17,000 instances of application usage, 77,000 location samples, and 487 days of daily activity entries from 26 students at a UK university. Our results show that users’ a ention towards new noti cations and willingness to accept them are strongly linked to the location they are in and in minor part to their current activity. We consider both users’ receptivity and a entiveness, and we show that di erent response behaviors are associated to di erent locations. ese ndings are fundamental from a design perspective since they allow us to understand how certain types of places are linked to speci c types of interaction behavior. is information can be used as a basis for the development of novel intelligent mobile applications and services.