Understanding general pedagogical knowledge influences on sustainable teacher well-being : a qualitative exploratory study

28 Jan 2022

This qualitative reconstructive study aimed to explore teacher general pedagogical knowledge and professional well-being. The informants were a convenience sample of 18 teachers from Austrian primary schools (n = 5), lower secondary schools (n = 7), and upper secondary schools (n = 6). Demographically, the sample included: female= 10, male= 8; mean years of service = 15.8 years, SD = 12.2 years. We interviewed the teachers on their general pedagogical practices knowledge (supportive, personal, interactive, and structural), and their sense of professional well-being. Inductive thematic analysis findings indicated the teachers to value pedagogical knowledge on supporting student learning intuitively, and engagement with students and the learning process. The teachers also prioritised personal-interactive pedagogical knowledge about communicating effectively and relationships with students, parents, and fellow teachers. The teachers perceived their structural knowledge in accomplishment of education technology and their general pedagogical knowledge competencies to provide for sustainable emotional well-being and work role meaning. We conclude from these findings what teacher pedagogical knowledge is important for accomplishing both quality education and professional well-being of teachers.