Training and Development Needs in Local Government: Challenges and Lessons Drawn from Malawi's Councillor

10 Oct 2019

This paper examines training and development needs for Councillors and the challenges facing skills development in Malawi's local government. This study adopted a qualitative approach. The existing literature on local government, training and development was systematically reviewed. It contends that the quality, applicability and relevance of training and development in local government is complicated by the lack of well-coordinated training and development programmes, as well as inadequate institutional and individual capacities. The study concludes that local government transformation through Councillors' training and development is critical and therefore, attention must be paid to the role of education and training institutions and on-going capacity development. There is need for regular assessment of training needs in local government, as well as the mobilisation of resources in terms of human resources and finances for efficient training and development and effective public service delivery