Theoretical foundations of sport administration : is government ?interference? justified?

27 Mar 2015

Sport Administration in general has come under scrutiny by government in general but more specific by the Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport (PPCS). Various National Sports Federations including Rugby, Cricket and Athletics have already been summoned to appear before the PPCS to explain certain events that have clouded these federations in the recent past. This has resulted in an outcry from hardened sportspeople and the public about government increased ?meddling? in sport. The recently approved National Sports and Recreation Amendment Act, 2007 (No.118 of 2007) provides additional power to the government and outlines very clearly the instances when it would be seen as legitimate for the government to intervene in the administration of National Sports Federations. The purpose of this article is to contextualise the National Sports and Recreation Amendment Act, 2007 and to provide the theoretical foundations within which sports administration operates in order to contextualise the public response to the government?s ?interference? in sport.