The use of light-cured acrylic resin for custom trays by undergraduate dental students: A survey

07 Apr 2011

This study aims to evaluate the acceptance of light-cured acrylic resin for custom trays by dental students. A questionnaire addressing the use and handling properties of both light-cured (Megatray, Megadent, Germany) and chemically-cured (Excel, Wright Health Group, UK) custom tray materials was distributed amongst undergraduate dental students of the University of the Western Cape. Of a total of 196 dental students, 38 were absent on the day of the survey. Of the 158 questionnaires that were distributed and returned, 18 did not meet the inclusion criteria and 1 person chose not to participate. Of the 139 participating students, 98 were in 4th year, 41 in 5th year. With regards to the light-cured acrylic custom tray material, 77% used it most often, 64% said it saved time and 62 % said that it was easier to handle. Fifty two percent indicated that both types of materials should be taught in undergraduate training, 26% preferred the light-cured acrylic resin custom tray material, 20% suggested that only the light-cured resin be used and no one suggested the chemically-cured resin exclusively. The study concluded that most undergraduate students positively accepted the light-cured resin, but training in the use of both materials was recommended.