The use of building information modelling and related technology in the Cape Town urban centre

25 Nov 2016

The significant improvement of technology in recent times has provided an opportunity for construction firms to invest in innovative technology. In South Africa the construction industry seems reluctant to deviate from their traditional ways of delivering construction projects. It is believed that building information modelling (BIM) and related technology can be a catalyst for change, with information replacing documents and knowledge becoming an asset. Hence, this research investigates to what extent construction personnel feel innovative technology can stimulate building production to ensure that building projects are completed within timeframes and budgets and what issues influence a construction firm?s decision to invest in these technologies. Both qualitative and quantitative survey methods are employed in data collection. Content analysis and descriptive statistics techniques are used in analysing the data. This research gives a clear indication that construction personnel feel BIM and related technology can have a positive impact on building production processes and that cost, risk and logistics are factors to consider when implementing new technology. It is concluded that construction firms utilising these technologies will have a competitive advantage over others that ignore it.