The use and benefits of e-technology business applications

11 Oct 2019

The paper investigates the use of and resultant benefits of e-business applications within the Capricorn District Municipality in the Limpopo Province. E-business applications are components of e-business such as e-commerce, and e-marketing which enable firms to perform their day-to-day activities with their partners and target market for developing and delivering value proposition to a firm's customers. The study uses the quantitative method to analyse the use and the benefits of e-business. Exploratory and descriptive research will be utilised to determine the use of e-business applications by businesses. A sample size of 330 businesses was used. The questionnaire was used for a pilot study conducted to improve the validity. The Cronbach alpha test was conducted to ascertain the reliability of the research instrument. Data were collected through the use of self-administered questionnaires in a survey. SPSS was used for data analysis. The results showed a clear exposition of the use of e-business applications, and the benefits that businesses experience when using e-business applications. Businesses experience several benefits when utilising e-business in their operational processes of developing value propositions. Business applications have a high impact on the operational performance of value propositions. E-business applications are easy and useful to implement in a business and provide relative inexpensive options for SME enterprises. Recommendations to businesses are to utilise e-business applications so that they are able to create and deliver value propositions in an efficient and effective manner.