The significance of entrepreneurship education in Gabonese schools: Justifications for a new curriculum design

23 Nov 2016

The apparent struggle to find employment by Gabonese graduates has confirmed the necessity for a new school curriculum. It is believed that entrepreneurship education is one of the solutions to the problem. However, with the introduction of entrepreneurship education in the Gabonese education system, a change of curriculum will definitely be required. This paper therefore discusses the importance of curriculum change to adapt to the teaching of entrepreneurship education. Participants in this study included learners, teachers and a government official representing the Ministry of Education. The study adopted a mixed method for data collection. Therefore, face-to-face interviews and self-administered questionnaires were used to collect in-depth information as well as achieve a larger representation of population. Results confirm that there is a necessity for entrepreneurship education thus suggesting the need for a new curriculum which should include some specific subjects. According to the results, these subjects could also be used for teacher training purposes as