The Senecio alkaloids. Part IV. Platyphilline, the active principle of Senecio adnatus, D.C.

17 Mar 2017

1. In this article are described the isolation of the alkaloid, platyphylline from Senecio adnatus D.C. as well as the preparation of some of its derivatives. 2. The alkaloid has the formula C₁₈H₂₅O₅N and its fission products are platynecine, C₈H₁₃O₂N and the monobasic platynecic acid, C₁₀H₁₄O₄. These findings are in conformity with those found for platyphylline from S. platyphyllus D.C. (Orechoff, 1935). 3. The view is put forward with reserve that platynecic acid is identical with senecic acid and not a hydroxy acid as found by Orechoff, but that the acid is a monolactonic, monobasic and acyclic acid. 4. Senecio adnatus D.C. must henceforth be considered toxic to stock as it contains at least 0.5 per cent. (calculated on the dried and ground plant) of the active principle platyphylline.