The role of project management on local economic development programs: a case of Greater Giyani Local Municipality

10 Oct 2019

The paper aims to investigate the role of project management on local economic development in Greater Giyani Local Municipality in Mopani District, Limpopo Province. Project management has become crucial in the management of an organisation. However, poor project management in municipalities can lead to a slow pace of local economic development. The implementation of local economic development is often hindered by ineffective project management resulting from shortage of skilled, trained and experienced personnel. To achieve these objectives, the researcher utilised a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methodology to avoiding biases of results. The findings from this paper revealed that inadequate budget, lack of compliance to the municipal bylaws, lack of compliance to procurement processes, redeployment of officials by political parties and lack of proper infrastructure negatively affect the management of project on local economic development. Furthermore, the paper reveals that compliance with the project management procedures and policies could enhance the role of project management on local economic development. The paper concludes that project management can make an essential contribution to local economic development in terms of the provision of employment to those who are less fortunate in order to eradicate poverty and ensure economic empowerment. Keywords: Development programmes, Local economic development, Local municipalities, Project management